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  en Cuzzie Bizbox

  Category: Business || For: All businesses, Business Exclusive

Bizbox is a premium enterprise solution, built specifically for your business, to give it that boost and bring about maximum productivity. With bizbox you are rest assured of three major P's in your business which are Personnel, Processes and Payments. We concentrate on this three ends whilst designing bizbox to give your business the easy workflow that yields much more. Right process chain and proper personell managements, keep the payments coming and secure.

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  Top Studies CBT Suite

  Category: Education || For: Hiring Firms, Institutions, Students

Here's a software built for practicing, writing and assessing examinations digitally. It's the best option for students, hiring firms and institutions in this digital age. With amazing features built in, learning and assessment becomes advanced, inciting and easy.

The suite features the Examiners desk and the student's Computer based Test application. In the examiners desk, questions can be set, answers can be reviewed. The examination file being created can feature different examinaition options which conditions the way the students write the exams using computers. Timing, essay, objective and much more features are built in to give the teacher much control over the examinations process. With no external support, classroom computer based test can be done on a daily basis.

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  Quick Hotspot

  Category: Connectivity || For: All, Gamers,File Sharing etc.

Make your system a hotspot, this application is designed to create ad-hoc network on your windows computer. You can then use the created network to share files, play LAN games, create and manage Home Groups and do just what you would with a network.

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