Bizbox Suite

Premium Enterprise Solution

Manage processes, personnel and payments effectively.

Custom built to suit your business

Who can use bizbox?

It's more than a product, it's a software solution for any business out there. Bizbox becomes to your business, the best and most effective way to apply tech to getting things done efficiently.

So as a business that interacts with customers, wholesale vendors, retail vendors, clients or patients, you need Bizbox. As an industry, a mega mart or production plant with various departments integral to the success of your business, you need Bizbox. As a government institution in charge or related with forseeing the activities of businesses within a given politically goverened region, you need Bizbox.

Standards Compliance

....with the best industry standards

Limitless Configuration

....with your version of the platform

Grow & Sustain

... as business should be profitable

Access on the go

... the office is where you are

en Cuzzie Bizbox is an enterprise resource planning software that's built to help manage Processes, Personnel and Payments in a business. The 21st Century is heavily competitive and as such, businesses with processes, payments and personnel that are technologically inclined, and which can be monitored remotely at anytime are those with an edge in it's competitive business environment. Bizbox enhances business control, accountability and makes information for top level management and decision taking readily available. Using access control, charts and other tools and functionalities including those that can be made available on your request, every bit of your business becomes tech inclined and as such, you will be on the sure track to greater achievements in business.

Bizbox is built and integrated into the most suitable mobile, web or desktop patform for your business operation and accessible on the go via mobile devices and the web. need to fit in when you can stand out

Bizbox comes with a promise of not providing a fixed solution that has already been set to work in a certain way. What if that doesn't work for your business? That's why we want to build it based on your internal processes, to ensure that whilst keeping in view industrial standards, your company can have in-house based functionalities to keep you ahead of the competition.


1 Sales

2 Inventory

3 Customer Relationship Management

4 Quality | Production Control

5 Accounting

6 Human Resource Information System

6 Medical Suite

8 Custom build option

  Bizbox for Stores & Eateries

Sell easily and improve accountability

  Bizbox for Multi-Nationals

Easily manage and account accross multiple currencies

  Bizbox Medical Suite

Medical records and patient management at ease

  Bizbox Web Merchant

Own an online store fully managed with Bizbox.